Colt's Story

Our son Joey Colt was born on October 15, 2001.  He was the sweetest little boy, with the blondest hair, and the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen!  On Memorial Day in 2003, Colt had been running a low grade fever, and had some off and on vomiting.  That afternoon I was rocking him to sleep after a fussy day and noticed a large lump in his stomach.  It felt about the size of a softball.  We ended up taking him to the emergency room, and it was then after they did a ct scan that they told us that Colt had cancer.

At this time they weren't certain of what type of cancer it was, but knew that it had pretty much engulfed his entire left kidney.  From there we were transported to Children's Medical Center of Dallas where we would spend the next two weeks.

During our first two week stay in the hospital Colt underwent surgery and the tumor, along with his left kidsney, and a sections of his colon, were removed.  The biopsy of the tumor confirmed it was neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  It was also stage 4. 

Colt underwent 5 rounds of high dose chemo, stem cell harvest, 2 stem cell transplants, and radiation.  We ended treatment and thought we would be able to put this behind us, but then in July 2004, Colt began to limp on his left leg.  A biopsy of his left femur confirmed our worst fear...relapse.  At this point we tried several different treatment options, but the cancer continued to spread.  On December 1st, Joey and I decided to stop treatment and Colt was put on hospice. 

Two weeks later, on December 14th, 2004, he took his last breath.  The evening he passed away, Joey and I had ran to town to grab some final Christmas gifts.  My mother and sister stayed with Colt, who was having a great day filled with laughter and story telling.  He kept telling my mother that he wanted to stay with that man, and was reaching up as if he were trying to grab hold of something.  The last thing he said was that he was tired, and wanted to go night night in Mommy's bed, so my mother carried him in there, layed him down, and he then took his last breath.  There was no struggle, no nothing.  He peacefully went from his painful life on this earth, to a glorious life with his savior in the blink of an eye. 

Sadly, Joey and I weren't home with him, but that was God's plan.  Colt was an amazing little boy!  I believe the man he wanted to stay with was Jesus himself.  Colt had a remarkable relationship with his Savior!  Even at the age of 3 years old his life made such a huge impact on every person he met, and even some who he had never met.  We love and miss him so much, and he will always be a part of our family.  We can't wait until the day we see him again!!


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